“Nowadays, looking at idols

It feels like once they wake up, they all want to become BTS
They want to date while also deceive the fans, they want to do everything
They are doing their work as idols but are no different than office workers wanting to win the lottery”
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1. [+166, -2]
This figure of speech is accurate. If you look at 2nd and 3rd gen idols, they want their own group to be more well-known so you can see them putting all their heart into their work and working hard. But I don’t see any male idols like that nowadays. There are different ways to earn money now and companies don’t seem as strict anymore. It just looks like they lack discipline…
2. [+106, -2]
I get that they might not know all the hard work that goes behind their job but as time passes by after their debut and they start realizing that their results aren’t what they expected, I feel like they will do something about it… If they can’t learn composition or try to learn a different singing style, they would at least try to learn foreign languages to gain foreign fans.. Among the successful groups in the current industry, most of them had members were desperate in a good way… Even Big Bang, when they were given songs, the members have tried to steadily participate in the song making. Bangtan too, during their HYYH days, their desperation was no joke. Even in the old DBSK, the members said that they competed against one another in good faith… If you went to their dorms, you could always see all of them going into their rooms to study Japanese or Chinese, or practice singing. I think that the inner competition really helped the team…
3. [+98, -1]
I think that’s why male idols nowadays are not popular. They have no desperation and have no success story either. I cannot see any male idol with stories like going from a small fandom to a big fandom, or an evidence of their hard work. Female idols have good songs and you can see that the members have good chemistry among themselves so it’s really fun to fangirl on female idolsㅋㅋㅋ but as for male idols… it’s just not the same… every time something happens, it’s just relationship rumors…
4. [+59, -2]
To be honest, because they are popular, it doesn’t matter. Since they can earn good money, they are living their best lives. It’s been said here a lot of time but the groups who are only popular also want to be popular in Korea. It’s because it’s hard to become the public’s pick. I think that if they seize the good opportunities, Korean fans will stick to them just fine but there are more and more male idols who are incapable of gaining Korean fans, it’s severe…
5. [+52, -2]
I wonder if idols who date think “even if I date, as long as I treat my fans a little bit better and that time goes on, things will even out right?” and it’s with that mindset that they deceive the fans and go on dating. It’s not like fans are not aware that idols are dating nowadays. They know that as long as they date quietly, fans won’t say anything so living as a male idol nowadays is seriously easy. They barely have any popularity in Korea so they don’t care if they get caught as long as they have a lot of foreign fans. Even if they are nobodies in Kroea, they can earn billions of won just by going on tours overseas. Seeing idols’ YouTube + their goods on Bubble recently, damn…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ living as a male idol sure is easy