I f*cking can’t understand, she’s the only one who gets hated on so much

She’s a good singer, dancers like a main dancer
and she’s good on variety shows, she also has leadership and she’s freaking pretty
Just why do you guys hate her so much?
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1. [+221, -126]
There’s instances where she goes too overboard or fakes expressions and people don’t like that
2. [+175, -53]
It’s ok, the more you get hate here, the more you’re famous. Everyone around me all like Haewon
3. [+132, -27]
They’re just pressing on their keys out of inferiority complex. I think that Oh Haewon actually lives a hard working life so I like her. But Pann is the only place that hates her, which makes me want to support her even more
4. [+101, -3]
It’s because fangirls usually like those kids who are meek and who look like they don’t know much about how the world works… (Not sure if I expressed myself clearly)
5. [+95, -20]
It’s because Pann hates successful people, meanwhile she’s one of the most popular in the fandom
6. [+58, -14]
Because she makes stuff too obivous?
7. [+52, -16]
She goes way too overboard

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