She should get a biopsy for this at the hospital
It might be a benign tumor but it might also be malignant
Anyways, it will keep on getting bigger so she needs surgery to get rid of it
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It’s nothing big so don’t worry. It comes out when she’s tired so it goes away once she gets a good rest. I/she(?) got it checked under an ultrasound and it was fine. It’s just a swollen lymph node
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It’s a lymph node. It gets swollen if her condition is bad or if she’s tired. I’m sure that she gets it checked and will be fine
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I’m not her fan but I’m sure that she’s aware and will be fine. What “malignant tumor”?
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If it was really a tumor, someone would’ve told her already and she would’ve gone to the hospital
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This isn’t edited and it’s real? It’s really real?
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Huh? So you’re getting sworn at for being worried too now…? Isn’t OP just worried about her?