“I’m sad because I couldn’t save more people”
“When I first arrived to Korea, I felt like Koreans were really friendly and I’ve experienced how peaceful this place is with my own eyes”
“My wish was that I could study more in Korea and become a nurse here.”
Muhammad Shavir, a Pakistani, came to South Korea last month to meet his brother Ahmed.
Shavir has been working in a large hospital for 7 years after getting a nurse’s license in Pakistan.
The brothers who were born and raised in an Islamic culture visited Itaewon because they were curious about Korea’s Halloween culture.
Just as they were barely making their way through the crowd, screams were heard and many people were seen falling unconscious.
[Muhammad Shavir: I don’t remember exactly, but I did CPR (CPR) on about 15-20 people. I checked their breathing and pulse. I was trying to monitor their reactions, but I didn’t get any.]
A total of 4 people regained consciousness with Shavir’s first aid on that day.
The brothers stayed at the scene until 7:30 a.m. last Sunday morning to help with the accident.
[Muhammad Ahmed: I was tired, but it was okay. I was happy because I did what I had to do as a human being. I’m sad because I couldn’t save more lives.]
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