The word ‘Halloween’ is expected to become an eternal taboo word in the broadcast world. Broadcasters have presented viewers with special contents related to Halloween every year, but this year they are trying to erase its traces by discarding or deleting broadcasts with Halloween-related content.
Recent broadcasts with Halloween specials and Halloween costumes have stopped their rerun services and VODs, and all the footages are being edited.
(T/n: article talks about example of shows that edited out their Halloween-related contents such as 1N2D, Hong Kim Coin, etc.)
A broadcasting official predicted, “Halloween-related programs, and events are not expected to be produced or held not only this year but going forward too in Korea.”
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1. What is this bullsh*t?
2. Seriously, they are doing all sorts of unnecessary things
3. Are we turning into China?
4. Is Xi Jinping living here?
5. No but what did Halloween do? Halloween did nothing wrong
6. Let’s worry about taboo words after getting rid of Yoon Suk Yeol
7. They are doing this because they feel guilty…
8. It’s not Halloween’s fault but our government’s fault
9. Please… is it that hard to just become a normal society?
10. What’s the correlation? So then if people get into car accidents, we need to delete car accidents from all dramas?