Nowadays, people are into easy-going/down-to-earth and honest celebrities
So kids who smile like NMIXX Haewon and kids who have good personalities are popular
And I also like those kids but
I like celebrities who hide their real selves, who are f*cking good at managing themselves and who are clever like Jang Wonyoung even more
Because she’s so good at managing herself, she kinda makes me want to copy her?
But people who look at this kind of idol end up swearing at them
I like it though…
There’s a mystery surrounding celebrities to some extent
I like people who stick to their concept even more
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1. [+59, -10]
I really don’t know what people find problematic about her. Idols from past generations all wanted to be mysterious. They put a lot of effort into making their image and they also managed themselves a lot. They really gave off the feeling of being from another world. I think that this kind of concept is good for the long-run
2. [+55, -4]
Celebrities are selling an image anyways so people all choose the ones they like based on their preference..
3. [+43, -3]
But isn’t being mysterious different? Kinda like YG? Blackpink barely has any self-made contents and aren’t given a lot of comebacks. They look more mysterious because their image isn’t getting used up as much. On the other hand, they also show their friendly side so they have a strong core fandom. For IVE, they film a lot of contents and promote a lot too
4. [+39, -28]
I also don’t like relatable celebriesㅋㅋㅋㅋ being an idol is to have an image and looking fancy. Having a kid like Haewon who acts like some friend who seem to be a frequent Twitter user as idol is even more so-so
5. [+39, -4]
I personally don’t like idols who are too unnatural.. But Jang Wonyoung is too pretty and her expressions look good on stage so I 100% understand why she’s so popular. I don’t hate her nor like her butㅋㅋ I don’t like people who look too fake so I personally find Park Bogum so-so too… in my eyes, Park Bogum looks unnatural even though he has a different concept from Jang Wonyoungㅋㅋ

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