This style was f*cking pretty but she only had it in their MV and hasn’t done on stage with it….
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1. [+108, -3]
Hanni seems to be the NewJeans member who looks the best in kitsch style
2. [+100, -8]
I found her hair so pretty in their first Hypy Boy performance on Mnet. Her full bangs, curly hair and long hair… she gave off that Sulli vibe too ㅠ
3. [+98, -2]
I was looking forward to Hanni’s pigtail coordi and this coordi the most. But they only made her wear weird outfits on award shows and at KCon which was the most dumbfounding thingㅋㅋㅋ
4. [+94, -1]
When I saw that gif, I thought that she was Korean and thought “wow she totally looks trendy” so I was so shocked to learn that she’s Vietnamese
5. [+60, -2]
For real, she became my bias right away when I saw her scene with that styling in their MV
6. [+49, -3]
I’m not sure about that styling but she seriously f*cking suits bangs. I don’t know why they always remove them