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I didn’t know during Produce but Le Sserafim’s styling really suits Huh Yunjin. She’s f*cking healthy looking + high teem
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For real, it was a work of God that they let go of her short hair. This was 4 years ago but she looks older than she does now….  even her short hair isn’t a pretty cut. It’s a short cut that makes you look oldㅠ
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Huh Yunjin is freaking pretty…. seriously, she’s my style
4. [+57, -1]
I honestly didn’t know what was pretty about Huh Yunjin during Fearless and Produce. She kinda looked old. It’s true that she looked pretty but she didn’t look like an idol. But I seriously got a f*cking big shock during Antifragile. She looked f*cking pretty and the styling matches her like a glove, honestly…. Her looks, physical and skills are all good. Plus, she’s ambitious
5. [+48, -1]
Somehow, she has that hot girl image like someone that would come out from Gossip Girl. When she sings, her voice color is crazy and seeing her dance on stage makes her look breathtakingly cool. When she’s on variety shows, she’s kind but also clumsy, humorous and down-to-earth. There’s no way you can’t find her pretty
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Huh Yunjin seriously looks like the typical girl that other girls would like. She gives off the strongest queen card vibe among all idols

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