“Title: BLACKPINK, was it really worth a controversy?


Girl group BLACKPINK’s concert became controversial, which seemed a bit suspicious.
If you look at the scenes floating around online, it is true that at some moment, the choreography does not seem in sync and the members make mistakes. However, the BLACKPINK concert that I saw with my own eyes was not like the videos that were floating around.
The Seoul concert, which was the start of the world tour, was presented to the media after YG Entertainment invited journalists to the show.YG initially boasted, “We have collected all the accumulated know-how so far,” so I was curious about “how good it would be.”
When I actually felt the concert with my eyes and ears on set, I had no choice but to acknowledge YG’s confidence. BLACKPINK’s hit songs, arranged with band sound, were much more intense than simply listening to the digital versions, and the members’ skillful live performances and stage experience were added to make it a very impressive concert.
In fact, on top of the controversial scenes circulating around, you can find numerous performance videos that showcase the skillfulness of the BLACKPINK members. Hence, it is unreasonable to downplay BLACKPINK’s concerts as if they were all below the standard only based on a few scenes.
If you watch concerts of domestic and foreign singers as well as BLACKPINK’s, there are times when choreography mistakes occur during the two-hour concert, and there are many cases where singers are out of tune. But that’s what a concert is, and it’s live. It’s not like a music show or music video that’s flawless and perfectly edited. Concerts are about ‘living music’ because singers breathe with the audience until the moment they make a mistake.
No matter how much of a world star BLACKPINK have become, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t receive criticism. If there make some mistakes, they can receive the criticism, reflect on them, and correct them. However, excessive rebuke compared to the size of the mistake is isn’t criticism but attack.”
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1. [+75, -6]
This is one of the main pattern of hating on Blackpink. They insisted that they were weak at concerts but since it didn’t work, they now changed to saying that their concerts are “bad”. Nothing changed from before~
2. [+71, -13]
Anyways, isn’t it fine as long as the fans who went to their concerts weren’t discontent? I felt that it was so weird how people who didn’t attend their concert called it a controversy… even though it would be fine if it was coming from fans who spent money and time to attend their concert…
3. [+69, -7]
You guys are f*cking hating on this journalist who went to their concert calling it “media play” while calling people who write posts on Nate Pann who didn’t even go to their concert “facts”ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What to do about you mor*ns hyprocrisy?
4. [+62, -13]
The downvotesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ you BP haters are obsessedㅋㅋㅋ
5. [+58, -8]
Seeing how that BP hate post now has over 2K upvotes proves that they are indeed the top of the topㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 3rd gen female idols are still getting this kind of severe hate on Pann? They are undeniably the tpㅇㅇ This has become a tradition in the idol industry at this pointㅎㅎ

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