At this point someone should give BP’s coordi an award….
She’s been wearing a different outfit for all the You And Me performances at their concert
She’s been pulling off all those different colors
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1. [+61, -17]
Her fans are automatically everything she wears pretty while shutting their eyes… these really look like underwear
2. [+50, -9]
Are you trying to get her hate? It’s weird in so many ways
3. [+41, -1]
People need to stop sucking up BP’s coordis. Don’t you get your answer right away if you compare their recent concerts’ outfits with their previous ones? These clothes don’t look good on them and they are badly made. That’s what you get when the assistant coordi became the main coordi
4. [+31, -5]
I think that Jennie pulled them off well
5. [+17, -3]
Jennie’s outfits are pretty but I wish that Jisoo would stop wearing that pink top… Even for her solo, only the colors of her outfits are changing. I wish they would change her styling too…

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