He’s a trainee for Big Hit’s upcoming group
Lee Sang Won, 03-liner
He joined the company in 2016 and he almost made it to the debut team but was dropped
Afterwards, he made it into the Trainee A debut team
He was revealed as a trainee in 2021
Afterwards, a lot of trainees left so his debut was pushed back
He’s one of the kids who still hasn’t got to debut yet…
In HYBE’s Debriefing session, Big Hit hasn’t said anything about their upcoming group so
People are wondering if they cancelled their debut plans or if their debut has been pushed back…ㅠ
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1. Can he please endure it until the end?… I found him the handsomest out of the trainees in their next boy group…….
2. Sang Won-ah… I know that it’s hard but please debut under Big Hit ㅠㅠ
3. Wow he’s seriously handsome. I won’t mention it but I can see a few male idols in his face…
4. Please endure it until the end…. Sang Won-ah… I wanna see you debut ㅠㅠ
5. Wow… He’s a trainee I’m looking forward to…
6. Aside fom Leo, who else quit??
7. But he’s only 20 now. His future is bright
8. Wow seriously, he’s straight up the Big Hit type of face. Please debut him ㅠㅜ
9. Then that means he was in the TXT debut lineup
10. All of the Big Hit trainees are young. Even the oldest trainees among the ENHYPEN members back then was 20 no?

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