He should consider lasering off his facial hair once:)
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No but first of all, Mark’s facial hair makes him look like those sneaky eunuchs in sageuks so I don’t like it but other fans keep saying that they like itㅜㅜ I freaking hate it
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I seriously really love Mark but to be honest, I didn’t care back then when his facial hair grew out lightly and he covered it with his hand but one part of the fandom kept telling him that they like his facial hair so it seems like he just stopped hiding it alltogether and he doesn’t care when it grows out either. Ah I seriously find that dark thing so-so
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Mark’s always hanging between shotacons and ojicons multiple times in a day, f*ck and he always shaves his facial hair. It’s just that they grow out really easily. He’s just a kid who wants to live the way he is naturally. If you’re a fan of visuals who like to tell others what to do, just don’t write posts like these and leave him beㅠ
4. [+22, -3]
I always tell him on Bubble to laser off his facial hair but seems like I’m the only one doing it since it just gets buried. Seriously, Lee Mark should get rid of his facial hair and stop doing this scanty-looking hairstyle. I seriously am a genuine fan of Mark and us Mark fans have been way too tolerant. Of course, everything he does is good with us but other fans are giving us bad looksㅜㅜㅠ Please, let’s tell him to get facial hair laser. Because of a few comments telling him that they like his facial hair, he really think that it looks good, f*ck. I even own a Mark magazine at home. Please, can we tell him to do something? Can we all tell him on Bubble “laser hair removal please?” If he shaved his facial hair, he’d be f*cking pretty ㅜ
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I also agree:)
6. [+10, 0]
What’s worse is that this is a video fansign… the staffs must be there with him but he’s not managing himself?

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