She’s called Ella Gross and she was the kid from the Baskin Robbins ad (she’s a 08-liner) (TN: the BR ad became controversial in Korea because of irs s*xual innuendos)
Does anyone know what she’s been doing nowadays..?
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1. [+104, -4]
Recently, she straight up looks like an American studentㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
2. [+81, -16]
That’s not how she looks like nowadays…
3. [+76, -16]
The BR pics look weird even now… why would they give adult makeup to a young kid and zoom in her mouth?… There are just these subtil elements that make it look so weird. I feel like they have crossed that fine line… It’s like those Japanese mangakas who draw characters looking like choding characters but say that they are adults… I hope that they stop making young kids look like adults
4. [+74, -7]
It’s not that she went through adverse change but that her facial bone structure has grown a bit so she looks a bit different and her style because f*cking hip. Her brows have gotten highter and her makeup and hair color make her look more like a foreign gyopoㅇㅇ But when you look at her Korean CFs, she still looks just as pretty
5. [+54, -9]
She’s still pretty now so what “adverse change”?ㅋㅋ She has an unique aura and she kinda has the vibe of the Chinese actress called Gong Li. I’m looking forward to her activities as an actress in the future
6. [+46, -6]
She’s still pretty now. What “adverse change”?

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