I can’t tell this to anyone but in the deep inside of me, I like my friend’s boyfriend..
I have no thought of stealing him from her and dating him. My friend is already dating him and if ever they broke up, I know that if I dated him afterwards, it will ruin my relationships with all my other friends..
There are a lot of instances where I go play just the three of us, with my friend and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend’s looks are seriously fine and he doesn’t act like a Hannam and his mindset and attitude is so fine. His voice is also nice so I really find my friend so lucky. I even thought about how happy she must be when she’s doing skinship with him.. ㅜ
I know that I’m being an idiot too but this is my secret
Do you guys have any secret that you can’t share with others?
“The tart came in a turtle shape!!
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1. [+308, -7]

I wish I was the most successful one out of my friends in terms of university, job, everything
2. [+256, -15]
Celebrities get deitified and what not and get a sh*t ton of shields and fans. What’s so hard about it?
3. [+252, -11]
When I look at a man’s body, I don’t feel anything but rather, seeing their hairs and p*n*s gross me out (my ex also turned me off… so I hate it even more) but when I look at women’s bodies in p*rn, I find it er*t*c…? It kinda excites me
4. [+226, -94]
When Hannam f*ckers look at me, I f*cking hate it. Every time I walk past them, they feel like bugs. I just walk by thinking “ah, I f*cking hate them”
5. [+131, -7]
I find people calling celebrities “genius idol” for every little thing a bit meh… for example, if they just pick up something that fell off the stage, they get called a “genius”
6. [+117, 0]
I hope that ahjussis over 30 y.o who go after younger girls all get caught and sent back to re-enlistㅇㅇ
7. [+112, -17]
I’m scared to give birth to a boy so I can’t give birth ㅠ
8. [+106, 0]
Human relationship is f*cking tiring… forcing myself to meet people just to talk to them is too tiring and exhausting

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