“Cigarette butts, the world’s #1 marine debris… “Please do not throw them down the drain””

It’s obvious that people smoke a lot ut they are throwing all their cigarette butts in the streets

They spit in the streets, shamessly smoke while walking aroung making others exposed to secondhand smoke
The reason why the streets are flooded when it rains is because of cigarette butts block the drainage, which is serious environmental pollution for the streets.
The act of throwing cigarette butts in the streets, i.e. dumping cigarette butts, is illegal and one can get fined
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1. Even today, because of the smokers in the streets, I was exposed to secondhand smoke. f*ck, I really just want to smack their heads
2. This is just disgusting. I hate the smell, the smoke, the cigarette butts, the spits, everything
3. Seriously, this infuriates me
4. This is only illegal by words but nobody ever reports them nor did we become stricter about this. F*ck, they smoke right in front of the non-smoking areas. I’m telling you, just increase the cost of cigarettes!!!!!
5. I’m begging you, please don’t throw your cigarette butts in the streets. If I can ask for another favor, stop smoking in the streets
6. Can they just throw them inside their own mouths?
7. I’ve even seen people coming in front of my house and directly throw their cigarette butts in the manhole
8. Just why would they throw these in the streets? Just throw them on the floor of your own house. What a nuisance
9. I f*cking hate them. I f*cking hate the gargling sound they make before spitting. I hate everything
10. Seriously, can we do something about smokers…

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