She shot an Estee Lauder ad with Adut Akech and Grace Elizabeth
(For reference, a beauty campaign is the final boss for a model career)

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1. Seriously talentless..
2. She’s unable to make an expression and doesn’t know how to use her expressions either;; I can’t believe that she has such a pretty face but still ends up looking like a commonerㅋㅋㅋ Looks like she couldn’t get an ounce of skills from her dad or mom. Usually 2nd generations are able to get their names out there better than their parents so why are golden spoons so untalented nowadays/
3. Not sure about her looks but she’s too short
4. There are so many charming Asian models with nice proportions out there, hmm…
5. I can’t believe you can actually look like you have no talent…
6. Her only spec is that she has good parents
7. I can feel the stiffness with the pictures
8. No but the fact that the other models are there makes her even more comparable
9. She’s the only one who looks edited… I seriously hate nepotism modes
10. She looks edited;;;

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