911031 Byun Wooseok
190 cm
940917 Na Inwoo
188 cm
940423 Song Kang
186 cm
950417 Ahn Hyoseob
188 cm
960807 Rowoon
190 cm
960824 Kim Hyunjin
189 cm
980710 Lee Jaewook
187 cm
000414 Moon Sangmin
190 cm
010209 Kim Jaewon
187 cm
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1. Seoham is 193 cm… why isn’t he here?…
2. Song Kang has that face on top of that height…. seriously, his looks are the top of the top of the top of the top
3. But they all suck at acting…. it’s not like they are picking models so why just pick them for their height…
4. I think that they look at height first for actors nowadays
5. No but stop only look at their height but look at their faces too…
6. But they are too tall… and somehow… it feels like all they have is their height…
7. Lee Jaewook!!! Ah but they are all so good-looking. The future of our country’s male actors is bright
8. I like tall men so much… when actors are the same height as the female actress, I can’t get into the plot
9. I like Na Inwoo and Lee Jaewookㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I like how they pull off their characters well
10. Being 182-5 is the best…

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