[enter-talk] TAEYEON IS AMAZING..

Those are this year’s Youtube searches, it’s been so many years and she’s still 4th;;;
Among all those distinguished idols… As expected from Taeng
1. Lisa
2. Nayeon
3. Jennie
4. Taeyeon
5. Jisoo
6. Rose
7. Jang Wonyoung
8. Seulgi
9. Ryujin
10. Yeji
11. Sana
12. Momo
13. Tzuyu
14. Tsuki
15. Irene
16. Jihyo
17. Chaeyoung
18. Jeongyeon
19. Chaeryeong
20. Mina
21. Wendy
23. Joy
24. Kim Chaewon
25. YoonA
26. Chuu
27. Karina
28. Ningning
29. Yuna
30. Lia
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1. [+159, -15]
There are so many pretty girl groups that ended up disappearing, if you look at groups who are going for the long run, of course prettiness is important, but talent is the most importantㅋㅋㅋㅋ Either your songs have to be super good, or you need a lot of star factor, or a visual that everyone acknowledges, or good acting skills or variety skills… You need to be good at something in the entertainment industry if you want to surviveㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
2. [+138, -18]
Sshi and Taeyeon debuted in 2007 but why are they even more active than some active idols? I’m always amazedㅋ As expected from legends
3. [+108, -14]
This kitty is so consistent, she’s been feeding my playlist so well for the past 3 years
4. [+90, -10]
The only ballads I listen to are from Taeyeon… Her voice color and her style are just too good. I’ve quit fangirling on SM but she’s the only one whose songs I still listen to..
5. [+90, -14]
Ah this is Pann alright, I find it hilarious that there’s still Taeyeon antis here

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