Are concepts like VIXX’s Chained Up and EXO’s Love Shot a hit or miss?
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1. I love them so much, I’m a mess
2. I freaking love it alright 🙄
3. There are lots of types of sexy concepts thoughㅋㅋㅋ The ones you mentioned in the posts are liked by most people
4. If you suit them, it’s good…ㅎ
5. That’s a concept that I actually wished my bias did
6. Depending on the group, the concepts you want for them will differ. For the groups you mentioned, those concepts are perfect for them, most people like their sexy concepts
7. I love them too much
8. I go crazy for them ..🤤
9. If they suit them, there’s no way you don’t like it
10. You’re not going to get a discussion if you’re giving examples in the post though?
> [OP] You’re right I was short-sighted

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