“- Today, I was dying to see cute animals so I went to the pet shop? I met with the legendary kitty and a shiba dog….
– All my life’s stress and worries disappeared but it all resetted (T/N: came back) when I left the pet shop
– Ah also, I’m sending a video to my mom and persuading her to raise a cat or dog in our house”

“If ever I get to raise a pet, I’ll name it with “Park” as last name. For example, something like Park Sung Cheol”

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1. [+331, -18]
Wow… are his brains empty?
2. [+309, -13]
Does it make sense that he went to the pet shop because he was dying to see cute animals?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ at this point, he’s probably trying to appeal to his fans as this animal-lover person
3. [+257, -11]
From what I’m understanding, he doesn’t want to raise an animal to be responsible for it. Because puppies and kitties are so cute, he wants to buy one and raise it in his house right? The post is amazing from start to finish
4. [+238, -6]
How many years has it been since the topic of pet shop has become controversial? It’s still a controversial topic even now… I think he needs to be more careful before talking
5. [+227, -13]
If he knew how the pet shop’s puppies were born, he would’ve never mentioned it… I get that it’s possible that he wasn’t aware even if he thought about it a hundred times but doesn’t it feel weird to him to see puppies being confined in such a tiny place?… If he likes puppies and wants to waise one, then shouldn’t he study them?? It’s not like he was a young kid asking permission for his parents to buy a pet to raise them because it was cute…

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