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1. Change their coordi
2. I saw so many viral tweets about NewJeans’ stage and the actors’ reactions. These god-babies are so cute and give off such rookie vibes
3. Hul they dyed their hair
4. Uhm their coordi is..
5. I feel like this is similar to F(x)’s debut with Lachata. But right now, it’s 2022…
6. When they just debuted, their coordi was too crazily pretty and fit them too perfectly so that’s why there are always talks about their coordi now in comparisonㅋㅋ these outfits are pretty but their debut outfits were 10000% perfect. I feel like their outfits nowadays are just hard to pull off
7. Seems like their coordi is trying to downgrade their faces. They look so dull
8. Pretty
9. I find their coordi pretty though?
10. Cuteㅋㅋㅋ these babies are trying y2k so they look even cuter

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