Everyone is unanimously supporting her… aside from Blockberry… It seriously breaks my heart
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Sunmi is so sweet…. seriously, she’s your ideal sunbae…ㅠㅠ Sunmi has already peaked multiple times and even during SWF, she asked the crew not to film her. Seeing this really shows how kind her personality is and how she wants others to succeed
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Sunmi is seriously cool… I’m sure she’s being careful because of how known her face is but she’s still acting based on her valuesㅠㅠ
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You can see how much Sunmi cares for her hoobaes when you see how much her hoobaes like her.. people definitely have their reputation on check in the industry but this is good to see
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I found it so funny when I saw the articles about Chuu’s power tripㅋㅋㅋㅋ I couldn’t believe it one bit. Why are they doing this? Sigh.. they should send off a hard working kid like her with more dignity
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Sunmi is also f*cking kind and daebak but I wonder how well Chuu treats the people around her on a regular basis. Freaking amazing

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