She sang it with a completely different vibe from the original song
Her voice color is so luxurious

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1. Please give Liz more parts
2. I actually prefer this version over the original version. It’s more punchy and I feel like the song would’ve sold better. I’m not only talking about the chorus, but even the middle part seems more quiet and it suits the song better
3. Liz’s part was good and watching their live this time, I can tell how talented she is. Please give her more parts…
4. Liz is seriously so taleneted, her voice color is good too and she’s improved so much…
5. Are Liz’s parts lacking usually? Isn’t she the main vocal?
6. IVE should start giving Liz the chorus, and I hope she gets more parts. Her and Gaeul’s parts are too little ㅜㅜㅜ
7. I can’t tell if she’s a good singer but she indeed has a nice voice color
8. I didn’t know that her voice was this smooth
9. They pushed her to the back because she gained weight. This is the kind of company she’s working for ㅎ
10. Please let Liz sing more, her voice is so my style ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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