“Yah MNET just had a stage accident, it was pitch black…? They have way too many of those”

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1. MAMA just sucks. Just look at all the posts trending about them in the Hot category
2. Their hype has freaking died… They’re always getting themselves in this kind of controveries all the time
3. What is this…? I thought I was seeing wrong on my phone
4. They must’ve worked so hard preparing it… This is too much
5. They’re being too much
6. Hul this was insane, they’re not singers who are here to make you listen to their songs, they’re here to show their dances
7. Even on SMF, they cut so many screen time from YGX, what are they doing?
8. What the? Did the camera fall?
9. They’re too much
10. If you hate YGX that much, just don’t call them…. Ever since SMF, the direction team has been doing this kind of things

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