This has been her prettiest look to date
She’s this pretty but what’s more is that she’s even the main vocal..
She seriously suits her outfit today
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1. [+97, -2]
So Chaehyun was innocent glamour
2. [+83, -3]
So she was glamorous? I’m shocked by these pictures
3. [+75, 0]
I think that she’ll be legendarily pretty once she’s gonna be in her mid 20’s. She’s still a baby so she still has her baby cheeks and looks cute but once she loses them a bit, she can even be counted among the top 4th gen idols
4. [+58, -1]
Baby ㅠ you can’t wear too much exposure yet ㅠ
5. [+54, 0]
She totally has the type of face that boys like. Of course, as a girl, I like her too
6. [+43, -18]
A few male community sites have been saying that she was Kep1er’s ace because of her outfit todayㅋ I bet that her outfit made their hearts flutter a lotㅋㅋ

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