This is the standard iPhone camera
Journalist pictures on the same day with her eyebrow piercing
I’m trolling in the title
And usually, people say “so and so is pretty even in journalist pictures~” right?
No no, nowadays, everyone’s journalist pictures are pretty
Back in 2010, the journalist picture were weird but now, everyone looks good in them
It’s rather difficult to look good in your standard iPhone camera..
Your skin also looks 10x worse in them
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1. [+131, -3]

Nowadays, companies even request journalists to edit their pictures
2. [+109, -3]
For real, iPhone cameras are f*cking bad now. People either come out looking like a cucumber or puffy
3. [+96, -6]
Even dramas are edited nowdays.. if people can edit moving videos, what about pictures?
4. [+61, -2]
For real????? You’re telling me that journalist pictures are photoshopped too??? Wow the world has really changed
5. [+50, -56]
An unnie I know worked as a photographer so she knows many models. She worked with Han Sohee once and she said that she was really kind and prettyㅋㅋㅋㅋ but she said that she was a freaking heavy smoker..
6. [+29, 0]
I just think that those are bad photos

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