There’s no need to talk about whether GD or Jun Soyeon got awarded or not. GD wasn’t telling people to like him, rather he was talking about sharing it between the dongsaengs because he’s full already. Do you think that this is considered rude to the hoobaes? Meanwhile Jun Soyeon talked about ”you know who did the best this year right? It’s us right? Why aren’t you giving my award??? Screw off with your special awards”. So what do you think people like IVE, Im Youngwoong and Bangtan who got special awards will look like now…

Aside from the fact that you think it’s rude or not, it’s true that she wrote this rap for her own group
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1. [+242, -5]
This is the difference between a group who has hit daebak for 1 year VS real top idols. GD is smart so he’s dissing the entire award show, meanwhile Jun Soyeon is asking why she didn’t get any awards..
2. [+224, -4]
The fact that people even dare compare GD 2014 VS Jun Soyeon 2022 is an insult to GD
3. [+223, -9]
Am I the only one who thinks she tried to copy GD?? But her talent can’t replicate what GD did… Young and rich, MAMA diss, what’s up MAMA, What award will you give me this year MAMA? etc. Her flow and her content was so similar to GD’s. The idfference is that GD already made it, that’s why he’s dissing. Meanwhile Jun Soyeon is whining because she has no awards
4. [+184, -4]
Do you think that GD and Jun Soyeon can even more compared..
5. [+177, -6]
Why are people always forcing GD in situations, please stop… If you’re going to compare you can just say that Jun Soyeon is talented like GD and stop there
6. [+59, -1]
For realㅋㅋㅋ GD is not acting like a loser because he didn’t get an award

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