[teens stories] ISN’T GO ARA A PRINCESS?

Are her looks for real?
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Her picture back then was freaking pretty but at one point in time, her looks were overshadowed by her styling. They kept styling her in that outdated look
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Honestly, she was 19 here and was f*cking pretty….
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Her head shape and bone structure are just screaming the fact that she’s a celebrity
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One of the unnies I know when to her middle school and she said that when she met eyes with Go Ara in a window-less corridor, she felt like the sunlight was shining down and that the spring breeze was blowing in. She said that cameras don’t do her justice and that she’s the real deal in real life. Her impression is bright so all the sunbaes viewed her prettily too. When the hoobaes greeted her in a shop, she would even buy them bread
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I wish our country could appoint her as a princess. Seriously, she’s f*cking pretty

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