“Hello, this is Dawn. I’ll keep it brief. The post in the second image was not written by me. The sad, dirty coward who spread those lies, I will sue you. Even if we’ve broken up, she is still someone I cherish, she is the most honest and respectable person I have known, and she will always be my favorite artist. Please, don’t live like that. Put your precious time somewhere else.”
CR: Allkpop
“She lied to me and hid her whole past
She hid that fact that she was seeing another man while I was in a relationship with her and hid the existence of her child. You said you guys lived together for a while in high school but..
And she said that she had an abortion and I feel so betrayed.
How many little lies do you have?. I’m going crazy, seriously..”

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1. No but people are still believing those old rumors… are these trolls crazy? They need to get treated
2. I got goosebumps, are they crazy?!??
3. No but is there a reason why these crazy people would torment other people like that?;
4. Dawn is cool.. there’s a reason why they dated for so long.. also, don’t let them settle for a favorable ruling, you’ll regret it
5. Seriously, why are people like this to Hyuna ever since high school…
6. F*ck, they crossed the line… fighting with the lawsuit!!!!!!
7. Wow but it’s really cool how he’s standing up for Hyuna… seems like they were really honest and strong for each other when they were dating. Both of them are cool
8. No but.. a… that rumor started ever since she left the group and had such a hard time and people are still bringing this up.. it makes me sad…
9. Wow crazy, I really hope he doesn’t compromise. But Dawn is pretty coolㅋㅋ
10. That’s an edit?????? People really have nothing better to do

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