“It took a long time to build this process, with 600 teams all over the world moving at once to create a  song for one team, and more than 200 songs a week. Just as NCT is created all over the world, when the whole world is networking and creating content that everyone can enjoy together, that is culture technology (CT).”
‘Father of K-pop’ Lee Soo-man, general producer of SM Entertainment, interviewed CNBC, a prestigious US economics broadcasting station.
According to SM on the 30th, the producer subdivided and systematized and developed CT into “casting-training-produce-management” in “The CNBC Conversation” recently broadcasted by CNBC Asia (ASIA). This has become SM’s manual, and the organization created by it is SM.”
On this day, producer Lee talked about the future of K-pop, “The world of the metaverse is the future.” “Now, P2C (Play2Create) is an important era. If people who come to our metaverse can create within it, they can realize their abilities and discover and develop a new creation, which is the highest human instinct, through P2C. If many people are fascinated by this world, wouldn’t it be fun to join one P2C community together?” he expected.
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1. That’s why their songs are all over the place
2. Can you hate on the quality of their songs though? Their songs are of the highest quality but it’s because they put kids who can’t sing in their teams that it sounds unpleasant. There are times when I only listen to the demo alone
3. That’s why their songs are such a messㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
4. Nowadays, it’s been really hard for me to enjoy songs from SM. Their female idols’ songs are fine to some extent but their male idols’ songs…. I feel like they had better songs in the past..
5. But they can’t come up with a song that’s both public friendly and high quality? NCT’s songs are way too messy. No matter what you say about the quality, it just doesn’t register in my ears..ㅠㅠ I’m not saying that they have public friendly songs that are bad quality. Of course they can do whatever they want but can they do both at the same time?…
6. I like their songs though
7. Please worry about the plagiarism first. What are these 600 people doing?
8. But SM’s songs are indeed freaking good
9. That’s why they have a lot of good songs and a lot of bad songs. Please, just give us a lot of good songs. It’s so hard to listen to messy songsㅠㅠ
10. My bias’ discography is good so I’m satisfied
11. Their level of media play… turns me off
12. You honestly cannot refute the quality of their songs

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