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1. [+30, -13]
Her viral marketing nowadays is severe
2. [+23, -5]
Anyone can tell that you should’ve written this in enter-talk. What are you doing here?
3. [+29, -8]
Every time I see her, I think about how clean she looks. She doesn’t have one angle in her face and her facial features are so well-placed. She really have that traditional beauty of those previous generations’ actresses…?? But she’s also pretty in a trendy way
4. [+17, -9]
In my opinion, Kim Minju has the kind of aura that mesmerize men the most out of all the female idols right now.
5. [+12, -2]
Minju is freaking pretty

6. [+9, -2]

She’s the prettiest in Northeast Asia and she’s only 22 now

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