They’ll appear on Rockin Eve


Is that really the Rockin Eve I know..




TXT released on their main account that they’ll appear on the Rockin Eve… Seriously they’re the best
They’re the 2nd Korean celebrities to appear on Rockin Eve. This is insane
They were #8 on all US physical sales this year… They won an award at EMA and got nominated for AMA ㅠㅠ They’re also the first 4th gen idols to even get nominated on AMA and EMA and they also entered Billboard 200 yearly chart


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So the princes are entering their true playing field
2. [+57, -3]
Hul the princes will advance to Disney

3. [+49, -3]

ㅋㅋㅋThey’re really daebak
(article talks about their attendance to Lollapalooza and being the only KPOP artists to have done the red carpets of AMA + 2 years consecutive on Billboard 200 + how they’ll attend the 51st edition of New Year’s Rocking Eve)
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TXT x Disney, this is it
5. [+41, -3]
Our 5

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