She became even more f*cking pretty..

There are a lot of people who will lose weight on their face as they age, so they look older, but Yoona is looking younger and she also is still so slim. She’s so pretty
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1. [+186, -15]
If this is considered putting wieght on, just how much skinnier was she beforeㅠㅠ …The more you age, the more she’s getting pretty. Yoongphrodite
2. [+149, -8]
She’s still f*cking slim now
3. [+144, -453]
Huh? She looks way better skinny
4. [+107, -8]
She’s gaining weight for her filming. Why are Pann girls trying to interfere?ㅋㅋ
5. [+74, -9]
When she’s skinny, she gets hated on, when she gains weight, she gets hated on. This is the level of Pann girls’ double standards↓

Yoona before becoming a mummy

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