[marriage & in-laws] I CAN’T SEE MY HUSBAND AS A MAN..

Is there anyone like me?
We’re a same-aged couple that’s been married for 3 years.
I can’t view my husband as a man.
We don’t do skinship and I don’t want to do skinship either.
He has no interest in self-manaement and it kinda disgusts me.
If I can write down a few things as example…
1. He has a lot of grey hairs but he doesn’t dye his hair.
2. It’s been so long since he got his hair down. He doesn’t really go to hair salons
3. He wears his clothes even if there are stains on it
4. He has abdominal obesity
5. When he burps in the washroom, he does it so loudly (if he burps in the main room, I can hear him in the living room really clearly. Since it’s a physiological issue, there’s nothing I can do about it but he has the loudest burps I’ve ever heard)
6. Sometimes, when he does number 1 and that his pee drops, he doesn’t even wipe it off.. (every time I sit down and see it, I’m the one wiping it off)
7. He doesn’t even close the lid when he flushes
8. Things need to be within his range of vision (he hands putting things in the storage room)
9. I use a separate sleeping set but my husband’s pillows are always turning yellow (I wash them every 2 weeks)
10. Even when I tell him to separate clothes when doing the laundry, he still wash everything together
11. When we’re outdoors and I tell him to wear sunscreen, he would never wear it
12. When he needs to wear a dress shirt, he just wears a wrinkled one (I told him that I could iron his shirt when he has to wear it but he told me not to. When we met with my parents, he also wore an extremely wrinkled shirt)
Aside from that, he’s pretty diligent in his work and does house chores well too and he’s kind.
I knew that he didn’t care about looks, fashion and following trends but I wish he would just clean himself up a bit before going around.
But why do I have to tell him such thing…
I’ve always been the nagging type and I’m scared we’ll end up fighting so I’m being careful.
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1. [+188, -14]
Just what part of him is diligent?… He seems like your typical lazy person. He’s like that because he’s not considerate. He doesn’t care about what others think of him as long as he’s comfortable. It would be better to just raise a dog at this point since you need to be at his side to help him… at least dogs are cute
2. [+116, -13]
Sigh.. so dirty. I would also lose my feelings..;;
3. [+92, -18]
Then just get a divorce
4. [+88, -4]
It’s like your rosy tinted glasses are finally offㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ just think of him as a friend and just draw the lineㅋㅋ
5. [+70, -202]
Do you think that your husband view you as a woman then? Sigh,, stop being delusional you ahjumma…
6. [+42, 0]
Ah I would hate it too.. That’s just your average ahjussiㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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