“Hello. This is ATEAM Entertainment.

First, we would like to express our gratitude to fans who love and support bugAboo. We want to inform you of our official statement regarding bugAboo’s group activities.
bugAboo, who has worked hard since debut until now while receiving love from fans, will be halting group activities from today. The agency and the members decided to halt group activities and terminate all the members’ contracts after lengthy consideration and discussion.
We once again express our gratitude for all the support, and we sincerely apologize for delivering sudden news to fans who loved bugAboo.
Please show your unchanging warm love and support for the members ahead of their new start.
Thank you.”
CR: Soompi
original post: here
1. BugAboo wasn’t bad, what a shame
2. They even had an event yesterday.. I feel like they are giving up way too early
3. Normally, don’t group at least try to last 2-3 years? What a shame..
4. BugAboo’s Cyan was so pretty
5. What is Choyeon gonna do now?
6. The saddest people here must be the idols themselvesㅠ what a shame
7. It’s my first time hearing about them but seems like it’s hard to last more than a year
8. I feel like any producer who sees a bit of success and think that they can make an idol group so foolish..
9. That’s way too early
10. I liked Choyeon.. the BugAboo kids must’ve been dreaming about this, what a shame

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