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They removed all the posts related to Jinni
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1. Do they have to go to such extent?ㅎㄷㄷ
2. It’s possible that this is what she wanted too so what’s up with the comments?;; Just because it was a bad situation with Park Jaebum, you think that it’s the same situation now?? Nobody knows anything about the situation
3. They can delete them if they want… if you look at the long-run
4. It’s not like they revealed that she left because of something bad so why delete her pictures…?
5. They said that she left due to personal circumstances so I feel like doing this will just torment Jinni even more… It’s like pressuring her to speak
6. No but isn’t it obviously better for them to delete her pictures?
7. Jinni never said anything so assuming this or that is just wrong no? If she felt wrongfully treated by the company, she’ll say something
8. Isn’t it possible that she wanted this too?
9. So a person becomes non-existent after they get kicked out? She’s still a memory
10. We don’t know if she asked them to delete them so let’s stop..

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