First, along with the DCM Popularity Award trophy, Kim Seonho said, “The fans worked hard to vote day and night. Thank you for your support, but it’s such an honor. I’m very happy and will repay you with good acting and work.” .
After winning the Idol Plus Popularity Award, he said, “I am truly grateful for your interest.” “In fact, while preparing for a work these days, I’ve been thinking about when I am the happiest. I thought that what I was able to do was thanks to the people who supported me and looked me up. They are the people who make me happy, and I need to repay them more sincerely and cherish them. In the future, I will show you a good image and show you directly that I can be a good person and actor.”
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1. 🤮
2. You killed a child and you claim to be a good person? ㅠㅠ He’s already over
3. I hope he succeeds, it’s not like he’s a criminal
4. I gotta respect the motherly instincts of his fans
5. Every time I see him win popularity awards, I get goosebumps, meanwhile most his fans are women
6. Thick face
7. He has fans?????
Maybe they’re just not around me
8. “Good person”ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
9. Kim Seonho is so likable
10. Wow it must be so nice to live his life~ He’s the one who refuses using a condom and impregnates his girlfriend, just to make her abort after because he’s reading the room, meanwhile he gets a popularity award~~ I’m f*cking envious^^

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