1. Love Dive
2. Hype Boy
3. Saebbing
4. Tomboy
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1. 2222
2. To be honest, they were all trendy but in my opinion, 4
3. At the beginning of the year it was 4, but in the middle and end, it was 2
3. Hype Boy
4. Obviously 2222
5. You can’t beat 2. It was so fun to learn the moves and I also danced it a lot ㅋㅋㅋ
6. 1 or 3…? I knew about Hype Boy after Joo Woojae danced it but I didn’t know it was this famous
7. I know almost all the dance to 1, I only know the song for 2, I just know that 3 was a trend and for 4, I’ve seen the part in the gif around a lot but it’s my first time learning that it was from Tomboy
8. 2222 I’m not even a fan but I’ve seen it so much
9. Hype Boy~~~~~
10. 1,2,4
11. 1 and 4. I’ve seen so many people learning the dances
12. Hype Boyyy
13. This is a hard pick, I liked them all
14. Hype Boy
15. 222222

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