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1. [+250, -1]
Isn’t this an issue of ‘personal expression’ instead?
2. [+110, -1]
But the first picture… just came out so bad
3. [+77, -1]
It’s not just an issue with her expression. Her styling is the biggest issue.. Her expressions in OP’s post is just too comparable
4. [+59, -3]
Does OP really feel like it’s an issue of personal color with the pictures above? I feel like the angle, camera, location and lighting all played a big part. These examples are not good at all
5. [+59, -1]
But of course she would look bad with that expression in the first pic
6. [+46, -2]
If that person came out styled like that, her situation would be totally differentㅜ (T/N: she’s a participant in a dating show called ‘I Am Solo’)

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