Was she as popular as Jennie back then?
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1. Her group was already super popular individually back then, but Krystal was the most popularㅇㅇ
> But I remember her being very popular among the idol industry but not the general public…
>> Back then, when the search terms still had rankings, her red hair trended #1 on Naver? And Krystal was the one who made tennis skirts a trend too
2. Yeah, Sulli and Krystal were the gneeral public members
3. I don’t know if she’s as popular as Jennie though
> That’s true, I’m not saying that Krystal wasn’t popular but KPOP has grown so much now that it’s became worldwide. Their careers are obviously gonna be different
> I don’t think she’s Jennie level
4. Jennie is a trend setter for so many things now, she is both an object of envy and also a trend leader, just like Krystal was
5. Why are people dragging Krystal all of a sudden? Krystal was totally popular
6. Yeah for real 99.999% of the profile pictures on Katalk back then were Krystal pictures
7. Wow she was really popular
8. No but of course you can’t compare KPOP before and now. Comparing Jennie and Krystal’s outfits just makes no sense. It’s not like Jennie and Krystal’s styles now and back then are similar either
9 The generation is different so it’s useless to compare. At that time, Krystal and Sulli were simply insane. You were probably not born during their time
10. If you fangirled on 2nd gen idols there’s no way you wouldn’t know…? Krystal’s red hair, the one side makeup during Red Light, those were all syndromes that were no joke. Why are people always dissing Krystal for not being ‘worldwide’? KPOP then and KPOP now are totally different. Their levels are different too. How are we supposed to compare them?

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