Moreover, Sojang’s channel also attempted to explain the reason by spreading rumors behind the suspension of activities from fellow DKZ member Moonik.  Jaechan subscribes to such a channel, which fuels the controversy. Jaechan who subscribed to such channels just fueled the controversy even more.
The Vlive fans all responded with “So you subscribed to Sojang?”. For 5 minutes, he was unable to give an answer and seemed shocked.
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1. Legendary
2. I wonder how he views his colleagues of the industry, seriously he’s so low
3. Congrats on becoming Sojang’s ambassador
4. So did he also watch the disgusting rumors about my idols? What does he think when he meets them? Don’t you ever get near my biases
5. His fans can’t be his fans…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Don’t they realize the more they shield, the more the comments will go up? (t/n: more comments = go in the HOT category)
6. Look at the fans bullsh*tting about his buzz factor as if something bad was praiseworthy
7. Please hang out with Ahn Bohyun (t/n: another male celebrity caught watching Sojang)
8. I even broke ties with friends who subscribed to Sojang, if I found my bias doing this, I’ll quit for sure
9. A Sojang-dol MCing for Weekly Idolㅜㅜ Please don’t send my bias there
10. There’s a reason for flop-dols to flop, the moment they hit big, their flaws will surface

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