Innisfree Jang Wonyoung
L’Occitane An Yujin
PeachC Rei
Sulhwasoo Rose
HERA Jennie
DIOR Beauty Jisoo, Kim Yuna
MAC Beauty Lisa, Minnie
Laneige Kim Yoojung
Chanel Beauty Lee Sungkyung, Jung Hoyeon
POIRET Jun Jihyun
Benefit Taeyeon
Estee Lauder Yoona
Lancome Suzy
Espoir Miyeon
Clio Go Minsi
Givenchy Beauty Shin Minah
Charlotte Tilbury Han Sohee
Ohui Kim Taeri
Banila Co Shin Sekyung
Athe Joy
Wake Make Sana
Biotherm Nayeon
A’pieu Dahyun
Etude House Kazuha
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1. [+70, -8]
What’s interesting about Kim Yuna is that she isn’t a traditional beauty but she doesn’t even lose even put among these freaking petty people. She even attracts your attention
2. [+53, -4]
BP are impressive… aren’t all the members models?
3. [+45, -8]
Jisoo and Miyeon seem to be the actress type but all of them match the brands so well
4. [+42, -24]

5. [+32, -8]

Suzy, Yoona and Jisoo really look like actresses
6. [+19, -1]
Amuse Seulgi

7. [+15, -10]
Innisfree and Yoona were a match made in heaven. Why are they taking a Chinese now?

8. [+15, -14]


9. [+14, 0]

Kim Yuna is the best. I was drawn in as soon as I saw her picture
10. [+14, -5]
Personally, Kim Taeri, Jennie and Kim Yoojung fit theirs the most

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