Q: I’m curious about your ideal time (FFT: this was the most asked questions from your female fans)
A: It’s undecided. I definitely like someone kind. When I was young, I also liked bad people. I was attracted to bad girls. Right now, I like kind/good girls. Of course, I would like someone I can communicate well with and who share my values. Is this too much detail? (laughs) Coach Lee Woonjae told me to get married quickly. I also want to get married quickly. (laughs) If I meet a good person now, I want to marry (her) quickly.
Gue said that he was into bad girls at first but that he definitely likes kind girls now and he also wants to get married quickly….
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1. I’m getting strength…………………..
2. Kind is me thoughㅎㅎ Are we a match made in heaven?
3. I’m a good girl………………
4. Me me me me me me…
5. Ah I’m getting mad..
6. Oppa, I’ll fix my personality for you
> Ah this comment is so funny
7. When I read the title, I thought “I’m f*cking bad!!!!!!” and once I clicked in, I realized “I’m a kind girl now… I’m freaking kind”ㅎㅎ
8. Huh? Does he not have a girlfriend? And even if he did, is he saying he doesn’t?
> This interview was done in October so maybe..
9. But seeing how Cho Gue-sung treats kids, I feel like he would adore his kids so much if he gets married and becomes a parent
10. I’m an angel oppa-yah
11. Oppa, I lost my wings
12. This oppa is talking about me again
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1. Seriously a man
2. No but since when did I like straight waists? Seems like I always did without me knowing
3. I’m happy
4. Also it’s my first time seeing such symmetrical six-packs from both sides for real for real
6. Am I the only one who thinks he has a corrupted beauty?
7. Wow but his belly button kinda looks interesting
8. Wow but how can his abs be this defined? Seriously fascinating
9. For real, he’s the total opposite of my ideal type but why do I like him so much……
10. Wow his stomach looks edited. It looks so fascinating for real

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