“Don’t forget to wipe your feet while entering”

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1. Why are their personalities like that ㄷㄷ
2. As expected this is so France-like
3. As expected from the thug country of Europeㅋㅋ Paris was so filthy I got shocked. Their personalities are down the sewers
4. They like soccer so much but they’re unable to acknowledge Messi
5. This is in Marseille, in Marseille, they hate the fact that Messi is a Paris-st-germain athlete. That area is freaking severe
6. This isn’t Paris (Messi)!!!!! I’m a Messi fan and Marseille has always f****cking hated Paris… It would’ve been pretty bad if Paris were the ones hating on him, but Marseille is kinda understandableㅎㅎ
7. They’re such sore losers!!!
9. Are they for real.. What crime did Messi commit…
10. But they already won 4 years ago

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