Looks like they’re close

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1. [+63, -2]
They just happened to be next to each other when the chairman told them to hold hands, so they’re not supposed to hold hands?

2. [+48, -21]

They’re even linking fingers;;
3. [+38, -2]
F*ckㅋㅋㅋ I’m flustered at the level of reaching you guys are doing now ;;;;
4. [+38,- 1]
They always hold each other’s hands before concerts and “pray” thoughㅠ Please stop with your delusions~ And if you have any shame, Suho is a 91’er and Winter a 01’er, do you really want to ship them? ;;
5. [+27, -3]
What friends f*ck everyone is holding each other’s hands and it just happens that Suho and Winter are next to each other, why are you just cutting that part off?

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