A friend who was living there sent me this picture and I couldn’t understand so I just called them.

The snow wasn’t falling, instead, it was hailing and the river next to it overflown, so at night, combined with the temperature, everything became ice.
This isn’t water, but ice. ㄷㄷㄷ
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1. Isn’t this Tomorrow….???
2. This is scary
3. So the rain fell and because of the temperature drop, it became ice? What’s happening
4. It’s straight up Tomorrow…
5. Hul the real life Tomorrow… Tomorrow is going to happen
6. Hul this is a scenery that I would’ve never imagined.. I’ve seen snow and flood overtake cars but ice…
7. ?????
8. This is honestly my first time seeing…
9. Earth-yah..
10. F*ck seriously save humanity… We barely have a few years left

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