– What??

– We’re having the Sung-Sho version of the album?!?!?!
– *Gasp*!!!!!
– This makes no sense~~
– Wow our company is such a nice place…
For 2 years, he had no fixed team, and he didn’t even get a promotion under NCT U but just because they were told that SM would give them a SungSho version of their Winter album, he said that the company was a nice place… F*ck this makes me cry
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1. [+42, -0]
F*ck just when are they going to debut him? He was revealed in 2020 and we’re approaching 2023..
2. [+39, -0]
I’m another group’s fan but why does it break my heart so much f*ck… Sungchan’s fans are f*cking kind for not exploding SM. For real they’re saints
3. [+38, -0]
This is not it Sungchan-ah…
4. [+35, -0]
When they gave Sungchan the fixed MC spot, I was sure they were going to debut him…. Haha…
5. [+8, -0]
It’s nice to see that Sungchan is this kind
6  [+8, -0]
Ah but this makes Sungchan even more likable

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