The one of the left is Western makeup while the one on the right is Korean makeup
As expected, when Asians do Western makeup, it looks awkward..
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1. [77, -1]
Risa Bae did the makeup and she said it wasn’t Korean makeup. It’s just the usual makeup that they see in the streets. She’s Vietnamese so it’s just a different vibe
2. [+69, -1]
But I feel like even Westerners wouldn’t look good in that makeupㅠㅠ Seems like I have K-beauty ingraved in my bones…
3. [+51, -6]
That’s why when I look at gyopos, they look tacky to me. Because their outward appearance is still Asian, the type of makeup and styles are limited. They want to copy Westerners to increase their confidence so they’ll never change
4. [+25, -2]
I think that her weight is a bigger issue than the makeup. With her weight gain, her cute and innocent image slowly disappeared. Bring back Lara Jean
5. [+19, 0]
If I were her, I’d go around bare faced
6. [+10, -15]
I don’t think that the right is Korean makeup though

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