The 1st Mini Album
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1. Please let’s just stop thisㅋㅋ please please please please, I’m begging you..

2. Seriously, the persistence is solid
3. Seems like they are earnestly gonna promote them
4. Stop shoving this down on us
5. Why are they so frustrating…
6. Give us an Aespa album first
7. I freaking like this
8. Hul daebak
9. Are they not trying to grow Aespa?
10. The 4th gen female idols competition is so fierce that this feels like a bad decision
11. This isn’t even something new so why are they wasting their time with an unit like this? They don’t even have one live performance either
12. Is GOT The Beat performing better in the charts than Aespa..?
13. I don’t understand why they are wasting their rookie image like this. The 4th gen competition is intense. This is so frustrating
14. What a waste of Aespa’s image
15. I like this

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