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1. This one is better than the previous one
2. I like Step Back more…
3. Wow I wished it wasn’t Yoo Youngjin but it’s SMP again
4. The beat is good but “show off, amazing” << who wrote those lyrics..?
5. The song is bad
6. The lyrics honestly suck…
7. I was looking forward to Taeyeon’s high notes but ㅠ even so, I liked it
8. “Monalisa smile”?
9. The song and the vocals are all too much…
10. Why take the members and do this to them?ㅠㅠ
11. Is this Yoo Youngjin’s work…?
12. The lyrics are better than Step Back’s but the song is worse… When is SM gonna shove us this group made for BoA?
13. It’s better than Step Back, the beat is a fraud
14. I think that the lyrics are better than before…
15. I like it
16. This is not it….
17. What is this song…
18. The style of the lyrics are the same so I like itㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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